Hi, I'm Carter

I live, work, and breathe in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  Most of my work consists of capturing the wonderful outdoors, with a focus on natural landscapes and the beauty of Canada.
Recently, I gifted myself a DJI drone.  I enjoy hiking and exploring, so having a drone gave me an extra reason to visit those special places as well as an excuse to play with new technology.

In school, I specialized in urban planning, so beyond nature, I also am inspired by cityscapes and the connection between humans and urban environments.  This website stems from this background while also creating a small space to document the trials and tribulations of my burgeoning curiosity for photography.

Vawq is a portmanteau of the words video and hawk.  I thought this fictional word was well suited to describe my small portfolio of drone footage - where an aerial perspective may uncover the unconventional: everything from simple symmetries to complex geometries.