stranger city
lost souls and lovers
villains and voices of reason
you've all warmed my heart
soft cookies and peanut butter brittle
always could count on you
make me feel at
home away from home
may light shine
wherever you are
keep glowing and blushing
shades of starry pink
                                            -tpe 7/28/18

Silhouette's my middle name
I fizzle at the slightest touch and
Bleed between the edges
Barely floating between the depths of emotion
Just like a bus to nowhere
I disappear
                                                    -pmoody 3/31/18

In one second we slip
Say words we don't mean
Hurt others
Others hurt us
in our beds
I see the boy
leaning on his mother
Do we not all need a shoulder
Or can people live on in solitary confinement
I daydream alot
When i cant
I retreat and sleep
if i can
and dream instead
for that is the best of escape
the best shoulder

When i look back up
In another second we smile
I smile
to see the boy lift his head high
and peek over his mother's shoulder instead
a curious look sparkles in his eyes
and confidence
the clinking of the shoes
and the prowess of the walk
we are independent
and happy
until we dream again
                                                             -yvr 7/14/12

sound in the middle of the night
sorrow creeps up on me
in the night just before dawn
when i least expect it
like a phantom in the night
the unsettled dream
and the unreal voice

yet it seems so real
thoughts pull me into consciousness
and i ponder on the voice
of my father calling my name
it makes me shiver in tears
knowing everytime i wanted to return that call
to make him smile

but reality takes grip of me
and i find myself in time
he's left for work already
in this foreign land
as he does everyday
just as he has left
his own world
a thousand miles away

and i am the foreign
and he is the past

yet soon i will leave too
him - i - severed
foreign more i will be
unable to reach out to his past
and unable to make him smile
the lit up smile
that of a child.
                                    -yvr 1/5/12